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I specialize in the treatment of pain. From sports injuries to chronic pain; physical pain to emotional pain; I strive to help my patients find connection between their body and mind. Unlike Western allopathic medicine, there is no separation between mind and body in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The connection is guaranteed, inevitable, and a crucial part of your healing. In other words, your belief in your capacity to be well, matters.

You cannot Acupuncture or supplement your way out of a chronically toxic/ imbalanced/ disrupted/ unhappy/ unhealthy life. How you live your life, day in and day out, from food and exercise choices to the quality of your relationships, is at the root of all symptoms you may be experiencing. While acupuncture, herbal medicine, pharmaceuticals, massage, and even surgical procedures might temporarily help or "fix" a problem, if your life is not lived in alignment with how you want to feel, these undesirable symptoms will return and/ or new ones will arise. Our body is always in communication to us; what is yours saying to you?

The main goal of any Acupuncture treatment is to restore the body's innate capacity to heal itself. Acupuncture sends the signal to help restore balance and the body takes care of the rest. With that being said, what you do outside of and in between Acupuncture treatments will impact your results. A life that feels fulfilling to you, healthy relationships, restful sleep, managed stress, and food that nourishes you will all impact your body's inborn mechanisms to heal. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be the catalyst to help push things in the right direction when one is feeling stuck, but it is not a replacement for taking care of ourselves.

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